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Dataset ID:    121  
Dataset:  rm311
Species:  macaca mulatta
Age:  adult
Stain:  Cholera Toxin, subunit b
Stain Abbreviation:  CTb (V1 injection)
Method:  immuno
Embedding:  frozen
Plane:  coronal
Area:  whole-brain
Source:  Edward G. Jones
Date Added:  2008-07-31
Resolution:  0.46 microns/pixel
Section Thickness:  25 microns
Number of Sections:  507   -->  [Generate Paths]
Notes:  CTb tracer injection made into foveal representation of V1 of left hemisphere. There are two microinjection tracks approximately 2mm apart seen in sections 132-142 and 145-158. Both tracks enter the white matter beneath area 17.

The cortical injection is confined to area 17 as defined by comparison with the adjacent Nissl-stained sections. (The anterior border of area 17 ends in section 163). The injection is heaviest in sections 115-146.

Anterograde labeling commences in area 18 in section 142. Retrograde labeling of cells in layers III and VI of area 18 commences in section 154. Labeling in area 18 ends in section 183.

Retrograde labeling of neurons commences in area MT in section 165 and anterograde labeling in section 193.

Some labeling can be seen in area V3/4 in sections 195-225 and a few retrogradely labeled layer VI cells can be seen in the floor of the superior temporal sulcus in sections 230-243.

There are three spots of anterograde and retrograde labeling in the medial and lateral divisions of the inferior pulvinar nucleus in sections 234-239, and a single patch in the dorsal lateral geniculate nucleus in sections 244-248.