Abbreviations used for the  monkey

In naming structures in the macaque monkey brain, the atlas follows what is established English usage and as far as possible is consistent with the terminology applied in other mammalian species. The names of structures and their abbreviations derive from a number of archival sources and no novel names or abbreviations have been created. Gyri and sulci of the cerebral hemisphere are named according to Von Bonin and Bailey (The Neocortex of Macaca Mulatta, 1947). The delineation of areas of the cerebral cortex derives from many sources that deal with the various regions of the cortex, including: Amaral et al. (J Comp Neurol 1987, 264:326), Burton and Jones (J Comp Neurol, 1976, 168:249), Carmichael and Price (J Comp Neurol, 1994, 346:366), Desimone and Ungerleider (J Comp Neurol, 1986, 248:164), Felleman and Van Essen (Cerebral Cortex, 1991, 1:1), Jones et al. (J Comp Neurol, 1978, 181:291), Mesulam and Mufson (Cerebral Cortex Volume 4, 1985, p.179), Seltzer and Pandya (J Comp Neurol, 1989, 290:451), Vogt et al. (J Comp Neurol, 1987, 262:256). In the basal ganglia Heimer et al. (Handbook of Chemical Neuroanatomy, Volume 15 Part III, p. 57) were followed. In the thalamus the nomenclature is that of Jones (The Thalamus, Second Edition, 2007). In the hypothalamus and adjacent regions the nomenclature is mainly derived from Saper (The Human Nervous System, Volume 17, 2004, p.513). In the brainstem primarily Olszewski and Baxter (Cytoarchitecture of the Human Brain Stem, 1982) were followed, with additional names derived from Berman (The Brain Stem of the Cat, 1968).

Currently, the high resolution images of coronal sections of the rhesus monkey brain and the lower resolution atlas made from the same sections are fully labeled using these abbreviations and labeling of the sagittal and horizontal series of sections is currently underway.

1-2 cortical areas 1 & 2
3a cortical area 3a
3b cortical area 3b
3V third ventricle
4 cortical area 4
4V fourth ventricle
5ME mesencephalic trigeminal nucleus
6 cortical area 6
7A cortical area 7A
7M cortical area 7M
8 cortical area 8
9 cortical area 9
12 cortical area 12
13 cortical area 13
14 cortical area 14
17 cortical area 17
18 cortical area 18
23 cortical area 23
24 cortical area 24
25 cortical area 25
30 cortical area 30
36 cortical area 36
45 cortical area 45
46 cortical area 46
AAA anterior amygdaloid area
AAB accessory basal nuclei of amygdala
ABL basolateral nucleus of amygdala
ABM basomedial nucleus of amygdala
AC anterior commissure
ACC nucleus accumbens
ACE central nucleus of amygdala
ACN nucleus of anterior commissure
ACO anterior cortical nucleus of amygdala
ACX decussation of anterior commissure
AD anterodorsal nucleus of thalamus
AHA amygdalo-hippocampal area
AHy adenohypophysis
AI auditory cortex core, AI field
AIN intercalated cell islands of amygdala
AL ansa lenticularis
ALA lateral nucleus of amygdala
Am amygdala
AM anteromedial nucleus of thalamus
AMB nucleus ambiguus
AME medial nucleus of amygdala
AMTS anterior middle temporal sulcus
AOD dorsal terminal nucleus of accessory optic tract
AOL lateral terminal nucleus of accessory optic tract
AP area postrema
AQ cerebral aqueduct
AR auditory cortex core, R field
AS arcuate sulcus
AV anteroventral nucleus of thalamus
BAAM belt auditory cortex, anteromedial field
BAL belt auditory cortex, lateral field
BAM belt auditory cortex, medial field
BAPM belt auditory cortex, posteromedial field
BC brachium conjunctivum
BCS brachium of superior colliculus
BCX decussation of brachium conjunctivum
BIC brachium of inferior colliculus
BNM basal nucleus of Meynert
BP brachium pontis
CA caudate nucleus
CAM cornu ammonis
CAS calcarine sulcus
CB cerebellum
CBIN interposed nucleus of cerebellum
CBL lateral nucleus of cerebellum
CBM medial nucleus of cerebellum
CC corpus callosum
CD dorsal cochlear nucleus
CeM central medial nucleus of thalamus
CeS central sulcus
CF cuneate fasciculus
CG cingulate gyrus
CGr central gray
CGS cingulate sulcus
CI interstitial cochlear nucleus
CL central lateral nucleus of the thalamus
Cl claustrum
CM centre median nucleus of thalamus
CNF cuneiform nucleus
CNM central nucleus of medulla oblongata
CP cerebral peduncle
CR central lineal nucleus of the raphe
CS central sulcus
CST corticospinal tract
CSX commissure of superior colliculus
CTT cortico-tectal tract
Cu cuneate nucleus
CV ventral cochlear nucleus
CX external cuneate nucleus
D nucleus of Darkschewitsch
DAS dorsal acoustic stria
DBH horizontal nucleus of diagonal band
DBV vertical nucleus of diagonal band
DCH dorsal chiasmatic nucleus
DG dentate gyrus
DH dorsal horn
DP dorsal prelunate area
DR dorsal raphe
DSCT dorsal spinocerebellar tract
DX dorsal vagal nucleus
E endopiriform nucleus
ECS ectocalcarine sulcus
ENT entorhinal cortex
EW nucleus of Edinger & Westphal
F fornix
FF field of Forel
FI fimbria
FP precommissural fornix
FST area FST of temporal cortex
FTC central tegmental field
FTG gigantocellular tegmental field
G gustatory cortex
GF gracile fasciculus
GPe globus pallidus, external division
GPi globus pallidus, internal division
Gr gracile nucleus
HAA anterior hypothalamic area
HC habenular commissure
HD dorsal hypothalamic nucleus
HDA dorsal hypothalamic area
HDM dorsomedial nucleus of hypothalamus
Hl lateral habenular nucleus
HLA lateral hypothalamic area
HLmc magnocellular nucleus of lateral hypothalamus
Hm medial habenular nucleus
HMA medial hypothalamic area
HPA posterior hypothalamic area
HPT habenulopeduncular tract
HS hippocampal sulcus
HY hypophysis
IC internal capsule
ICA interstitial nucleus of Cajal
ICAS inferior ramus of calcarine sulcus
ICC central nucleus of inferior colliculus
ICP pericentral nucleus of inferior colliculus
ICX external nucleus of superior colliculus
IG indusium griseum
III oculomotor nucleus
IIIN oculomotor nerve
IIN optic nerve
INF infundibular (arcuate) nucleus
InsA insular cortex, agranular field
InsD insular cortex, dysgranular field
InsG insular cortex, granular field
IPA area IPA of temporal cortex
Ipo interposed nucleus
IO inferior olivary complex
IOD dorsal accessory nucleus of inferior olivary complex
IOM medial accessory nucleus of inferior olivary complex
IOP principal nucleus of inferior olivary complex
IOS inferior occipital sulcus
IP interpeduncular nuclei
IPS intraparietal sulcus
ISC island(s) of Calleja
ITG inferior temporal gyrus
ITS inferior temporal sulcus
IV trochlear nucleus
IVS supratrochlear nucleus
IVN trochlear nerve
IXN glossopharyngeal nerve
KF Kolliker-Fuse nucleus
L limitans nucleus of thalamus
LC locus coeruleus
LCN lateral cervical nucleus
LCS lateral corticospinal tract
LD lateral dorsal nucleus of thalamus
LF lenticular fasciculus
LGd dorsal lateral geniculate nucleus
LIP lateral intraparietal area
LL lateral lemniscus
LLD dorsal nucleus of lateral lemniscus
LLV ventral nucleus of lateral lemniscus
LM medial lemniscus
LMX decussation of medial lemniscus
LOP lateral occipito-parietal area
LOT lateral olfactory tract
LP lateral posterior nucleus of thalamus
LPO lateral preoptic area
LR lateral reticular nucleus
LS lateral sulcus
LT lamina terminalis
LUS lunate sulcus
LV lateral ventricle
MD mediodorsal nucleus of thalamus
ME median eminence
MGad anterodorsal nucleus of medial geniculate complex
MGmc magnocellular nucleus of medial geniculate complex
MGpd posterodorsal nucleus of medial geniculate complex
MGv ventral nucleus of medial geniculate complex
MIP medial intraparietal area
ML lateral mamillary nucleus
MLB medial longitudinal bundle
MM medial mamillary nucleus
MP mamillary peduncle
MPO median preoptic nucleus
MPOS medial parieto-occipital sulcus
MR median raphe nucleus
MS supramamillary nucleus
MST medial superior temporal area
MT middle temporal area
MTT mamillothalamic tract
MV medioventral nucleus of thalamus
NB nucleus of brachium of inferior colliculus
NC central nucleus of brainstem
NHY neurohypophysis
NLOT nucleus of lateral olfactory tract
NOT nucleus of optic tract
NPC nucleus of posterior commissure
NS nucleus of solitary tract
NST nucleus of stria terminalis
NTB nucleus of trapezoid body
NY neurohypophysis
OAN anterior olfactory nucleus
OB olfactory bulb
OCX optic chiasm
OFS orbitofrontal sulcus
OLS olfactory sulcus
OLT olfactory tubercle
OlT olfactory tract
OPT olivary pretectal nucleus
OR optic radiation
ORS orbital sulcus
OT optic tract
OTS occipito-temporal sulcus
Pa paraventricular nuclei of thalamus
PAG periaqueductal gray
PAH paraventricular nucleus of hypothalamus
PAM periamygdaloid area
PASB parasubiculum
PB parabrachial nucleus
PBG parabigeminal nucleus
Pc paracentral nucleus of thalamus
PC posterior commissure
PCO posterior cortical nucleus of amygdala
PCS precentral sulcus
Pe periventricular hypothalamic area
PF perifornical nuclei
Pf parafascicular nucleus of thalamus
Pg paragigantocellular reticular nucleus
PGA area PGA of temporal cortex
PGr pontine gray
PI parainsular cortex
PIN pineal
PIP posterior intraparietal area
PL paralaminar nucleus of amygdala
Pll lateral nucleus of pulvinar
Plm medial nucleus of pulvinar
Pla anterior nucleus of pulvinar
Pli inferior nucleus of pulvinar
Plil inferior nucleus of pulvinar, lateral division
Plim inferior nucleus of pulvinar, medial division
PM premammillary nucleus
PMR paramedian reticular nucleus
PMTS posterior middle temporal sulcus
PnC caudal pontine reticular nucleus
PnO oral pontine reticular nucleus
PO parieto-occipital area
Po posterior nucleus of thalamus
POA preoptic area
PoCS postcentral sulcus
Pons pons
POS parieto-occipital sulcus
PPH nucleus prepositus hypoglossi
PPN peripeduncular nucleus
PPT pedunculopontine tegmental nucleus
PR prerubral field
PRC perirhinal cortex (area 35)
PRCO precentral opercular cortex
PrC precommissural nucleus of pretectum
Prg pregeniculate (ventral lateral geniculate) nucleus
PRP prepiriform cortex
PRS principal sulcus
PSB presubiculum
Pt parataenial nucleus of thalamus
PT pretectum
PTA anterior pretectal nucleus
PTM medial pretectal nucleus
PTP posterior pretectal nucleus
Pu putamen
Py pyramid
PyX pyramidal decussation
R reticular nucleus of thalamus
RA retroambiguus nucleus
RB restiform body
Rh rhomboid (central) nucleus of thalamus
RI retroinsular area
RM raphe magnus
RN red nucleus
RNm red nucleus magnocellular division
RNp red nucleus parvocellular division
RO raphe obscurus
ROS rostral sulcus
RP raphe pallidus
RPn pontine raphe nucleus
RS rhinal sulcus
RSP retrosplenial cortex (areas 29, 30)
RTP reticulotegmental pontine nucleus
Sag nucleus sagulum
Sb subthalamic nucleus
SbCS subcentral sulcus
SB subiculum
SC superior colliculus
SCAS superior ramus of calcarine sulcus
SCD deep layers of superior colliculus
SCI intermediate layers of superior colliculus
SCN suprachiasmatic nucleus
SCO subcommissural organ
SCS superficial layers of superior colliculus
SDN dorsal septal nucleus
SeH septohippocampal nucleus
SFN septofimbrial nucleus
SFO subfornical organ
SFS superior frontal sulcus
SG suprageniculate nucleus of thalamus
SGe supragenual nucleus
SHN septohypothalamic nucleus
SI substantia innominata
SII second somatosensory area of cerebral cortex
SbCS subcentral sulcus
SCAS superior ramus of calcarine sulcus
SLN lateral septal nucleus
SM stria medullaris of thalamus
SMN medial septal nucleus
SNc pars compacta of substantia nigra
SNr pars reticulata of substantia nigra
SOL lateral superior olivary nucleus
SOM medial superior olivary nucleus
SON supraoptic nucleus
SOX supraoptic commissure
SP septum pellucidum
SPf subparafascicular nucleus
SPS subparietal sulcus
SpTV spinal tract of trigeminal
SSII second somatosensory areas
SSp supraspinal nucleus
ST solitary tract
STC superior temporal cortex
STG superior temporal gyrus
STN triangular septal nucleus
STr stria terminalis
STS superior temporal sulcus
TAA area TAA of temporal cortex
TB trapezoid body
TD dorsal tegmental nucleus
TE inferotemporal cortex
TEA area TEA of temporal cortex
TEO area TEO of temporal cortex
TF area TF of parahippocampal cortex
TLD lateral dorsal tegmental nucleus
TM tubero-mamillary area
TP temporal polar cortex
TPO area TPO of temporal cortex
TSp tectospinal tract
TT taenia tecta
TU lateral tuberal nucleus
TX tegmental decussations
V motor nucleus of trigeminal
VA ventral anterior nucleus of thalamus
VAmc ventral anterior nucleus of thalamus, magnocellular division
VCN vestibulocerebellar nucleus
VH ventral horn
VI abducens nucleus
VII facial nucleus
VIIN facial nerve
VIIIN cochlear nerve
VIN abducens nerve
VIP ventral intraparietal area
VLa ventral lateral anterior nucleus of thalamus
VLp ventral lateral posterior nucleus of thalamus
VM ventral medial nucleus of thalamus
VMH ventral medial nucleus of hypothalamus
VN trigeminal nerve
VP principal trigeminal nucleus
VPa ventral pallidum
VPI ventral posterior inferior nucleus of thalamus
VPL ventral posterior lateral nucleus of thalamus
VPM ventral posterior medial nucleus of thalamus
VR ventral raphe
VSC ventral spinocerebellar tract
VSI inferior vestibular nucleus
VSL lateral vestibular nucleus
VSM medial vestibular nucleus
VSp spinal trigeminal nucleus
VSpC spinal trigeminal nucleus caudal division
VSpI spinal trigeminal nucleus interpolar division
VspO spinal trigeminal nucleus oral division
VSS superior vestibular nucleus
VTA ventral tegmental area
V3 visual area 3
V3v visual area 3, ventral division
V4 visual area 4
XII hypoglossal nucleus
ZI zona incerta