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Dataset ID:    124  
Dataset:  rm315
Species:  macaca mulatta
Age:  adult
Stain:  Cholera Toxin, subunit b
Stain Abbreviation:  CTb (area 7 injection)
Method:  immuno
Embedding:  frozen
Plane:  coronal
Area:  whole-brain
Source:  Edward G. Jones
Date Added:  2008-10-16
Resolution:  0.46 microns/pixel
Section Thickness:  30 microns
Number of Sections:  267   -->  [Generate Paths]
Notes:  Primary CTb tracer injection made into upper bank of intraparietal sulcus (area 7) in the left hemisphere (sections 218-232). A smaller and more ventrally located injection is restricted to deeper layers of area 7 (with some white matter included) (sections 236-239).

Anterograde label can be seen in cortex, thalamus, and basal ganglia.

In cortex, anterograde label is seen in inferior occipital gyrus (sections 236-243) and inferior postcentral gyrus (SII) (sections 164-175).

In thalamus, dense anterograde label in centrolateral nucleus (CL) and the anterior (Pla) and medial (Plm) nuclei of the pulvinar begins in section 246 and ends in section 262.

In basal ganglia, patchy anterograde label is seen in sections 221-241.

Retrograde labeled cells were seen in multiple ipsilateral cortical and subcortical areas.

In cortex, labeled cells were seen in inferior postcentral gyrus (sections 190-229), cingulate gyrus (sections 150-231), occipital temporal gyrus and inferior occipital gyrus (sections 245-266), and inferior temporal gyrus (sections 201-209 and 226-244). A group of labeled cells was seen within the anterior portion of secondary somatosensory cortex (bordering the subcentral sulcus) in continuation to the inferior postcentral gyrus (sections 164-175). Labeled cells were seen in insular cortex (sections 173-196).

Labeled cells are seen in multiple thalamic nuclei. Some cells were seen in ventromedial region of lateral dorsal (LD) nucleus (sections 215-219). Some cells of the intralaminar nuclei were labeled in rhomboid (Rh) and central medial (CeM) (sections 206-213), central lateral (CL) (sections 218-239) and paracentral (sections 225-233) nuclei. Within pulvinar labeled cells were seen in the anterior (Pla) and medial (Plm) nuclei (sections 246-262). Labeled cells were also seen in field of forel (FF) (sections 219-227).

Other subcortical labeled cells are seen in claustrum (sections 175-240) and basal forebrain (sections 137-159).

Retrograde labeled cells were seen in contralateral cortex. Labeled cells were located in contralateral area 7 in upper layers of the anterior marginal gyrus (AMG) (sections 201-254). Labeled cells were also seen in contralateral cingulate cortex (sections 145-153).