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Dataset ID:    151  
Dataset:  RH04b-lowres
Species:  macaca mulatta
Age:  adult
Stain:  Nissl
Stain Abbreviation:  
Method:  histo
Embedding:  celloidin
Plane:  coronal
Area:  whole-brain
Source:  Edward G. Jones
Date Added:  2010-06-08
Resolution:  12.0 microns/pixel
Section Thickness:  40 microns
Number of Sections:  241   -->  [Generate Paths]
Notes:  Every section in brain was processed for Nissl stain. The series illustrated is 1 in 10. Slide number corresponds to section number. The images of the sections have been aligned and registered by reference to fiduciary marks (appearing as holes in the sections) produced by introducing electrodes at defined Horsley-Clark coordinates in the living brain. The stereotaxic grid (in mms) has been added also by reference to these marks. The numbers at top left of each section are anteroposterior Horsley-Clark coordinates determined by reference to the tracks of electrodes introduced at defined vertical coordinates. For abbreviations, see Abbreviations Monkey.