BrainMaps Features the Highest Resolution Whole Brain Atlases Ever Constructed

The resolution of BrainMaps data is 0.46 microns per pixel, with typical macaque brain image slices being over 100,000 pixels in width. This far exceeds the resolution found in print atlases, and is the highest resolution whole brain data to be found anywhere, either in print or online.

An example of navigation through virtual slides at using the Chlorocebus aethiops (African Green Monkey) Nissl dataset. All images are actual screenshots from a web browser and are what a visitor to would see. (A) An array of virtual slides for the Chlorocebus aethiops dataset, shown as clickable thumbnails that, when clicked on, launch a new browser window allowing navigation through the high-resolution image (B). The image in (B) is 95,040 x 74,711 pixels and 20 gigabytes in size. The thumbnail in the upper left is for navigation purposes. Shown also are overlying labels of brain areas that may be toggled on and off. (C) Zooming in on the slide in (B). The red box in (B) corresponds to (C). (D) Zooming in to full resolution in (C), showing details of individual neurons in the insula. The red box in (C) corresponds to (D)