Tractus Opticus

In situ hybridization demonstrated sense transcripts of the three genes in cerebrum, hippocampus, hypothalamus, pons/midbrain, and thalamus of 3-month-old pigs, and CRSP2 sense transcripts additionally in tractus opticus.  

Mediocranial group in the vicinity of the brain stem: Crus cerebri, AchoA, tractus opticus, A.  

IgM antibodies against herpes viruses were found in the cerebrospinal fluid and distinct contrasting foci were found near the mammillary bodies, hypothalamus, tractus opticus, hypophyseal stalk and right parahippocampal in the magnetic resonance imaging of the head, indicating a focal herpes simplex encephalitis.  

Histologic examination of the brain revealed degeneration of the right optic nerve and right half of the chiasma opticum as well as left tractus opticus (opposite side); furthermore, degenerative changes with slight inflammation of the right vestibular nuclei were observed.  

In the pretectal area, we found the tractus opticus accessorius and the nucleus opticus dorsolateralis.  

The results of the assay for immunoreactivity to NPY showed no significant difference in the number of NPY neurons found within the nucleus marginalis tractus opticus between treatment groups at either age.  

interstitialis tractus opticus, ITO) and a non-topographic, diffuse projection of the whole SM-derived population (area perirotundica, ApR, and ITO) onto the optic tectum.  

interstitialis tractus opticus (ITO).  

Terminal arborizations of contralaterally projecting visual fibres were identified in ten hypothalamic structures (area optica preoptica ventralis and the nuclei suprachiasmaticus, opticus hypothalamicus ventromedialis, preopticus magnocellularis lateralis, posterioris lateralis, posterioris dorsalis periventricularis posterioris dorsalis lateralis, posterioris dorsalis medialis, posterioris ventralis lateralis, and posterioris ventralis periventricularis), ten thalamo-pretectal structures (Areas C1 and C2, area optica tractus opticus ventrolateralis and the nuclei dorsolateralis thalami, ventrolateralis thalami pars ventralis, opticus ventralis thalami, geniculatus lateralis, opticus pretectalis partes dorsalis et ventralis, and opticus commissurae posterioris), and in the tectal strata opticum partes externa et interna, fibrosum et griseum superficiale, griseum centrale and album centrale.  

In addition, a large number of immunoreactive fibers was found in the tractus opticus and the tractus mamillo-thalamicus.  

FMRFi fibres and nerve endings occurred in the bulbus olfactorius, in the tractus opticus, and in the central parts of the dorsal, medial and ventral telencephalon.  

Remarkable are the reduction values of the tectum opticum (21.8%), the tractus opticus (37.3%), the hyperstriatum ventrale (26.1%), the archistriatum (22.4%), and the hippocampus (31%).  

The density values were compared (Mann-Whitney U-Test) with those recorded in three homolateral control structures (tractus opticus, n.  

It is proposed that the final retinal topography of the optic tract is determined by the combined influences of selective affinities along the neural axis and substrate guidance mechanisms, the latter being mediated largely by the oldest axons of the fasciculus medialis tractus opticus..  

Although the optic nerves appear to cross completely at the optic chiasm, close scrutiny shows a slender recrossing fascicle which continues from the contralateral tractus opticus medialis through the rostroventral hypothalamus to reach the ipsilateral side, providing a scanty projection to the n. A few fibers ascend via the tractus opticus dorsomedialis to the rostral dorsomedial part of the stratum fibrosum et griseum superficiale of the ipsilateral tectum.  

The most closely associated structures and their loadings for the above factors were colliculus inferior (0.92), cingulum (0.89), tractus opticus (-0.86), radix tractus spinalis nervi trigemini (-0.93) and nucleus olivarius superior (0.86).  

Saccades were induced from relatively broad regions of the rabbit's mesodiencephalon except for tractus opticus, a part of nucleus lateralis posterior thalami and some parts of nucleus pretectalis anterior. Nystagmus was induced from tractus opticus, nucleus pretectalis anterior and nucleus lateralis posterior thalami.  

The tractus opticus accessorius arises from the posterodorsal margin of the LOT and extends ventromedially to project to the nucleus opticus accessorius.  

The optic nerve is completely crossed and gives rise to two major tracts, the tractus opticus dorsomedialis and the tractus opticus ventrolateralis, as well as minor fascicles.  

Glycosidases (beta-galactosidase, beta-glucosidase and beta-glucuronidase), in diencephalon of turtle, are observed in the myelinated fibers of tractus opticus and dorsal and ventral peduncles of lateral fore-brain bundles.  

Two major contralateral tracts were observed: the axillary and marginal optic tracts, with the latter being subdivided posteriorly into the tractus opticus medialis and tractus opticus lateralis.  

Volumes of the lateral geniculate body and the tractus opticus from 12 species of Prosimians and 10 species of Simians were examined. The progression indices of the tractus opticus, however, are higher in diurnal than in nocturnal Primates.  

Innervation of thalamic and pretectal nuclei are realized by two tracts--the tractus opticus proper, and tractus opticus axialis.  

He has the symptoms of septo-optic dysplasia, an inborn malformation of the brain with hypoplasia of the optic nerves and tractus opticus, absent septum pellucidum and variable pituitary hormone deficiencies.  

12 adult white lab-rats were enucleated and after a survival period of 1, 3, 7 and 30 days the activities of GABA-T, GDH, LDH, SDH and GPDH were demonstrated histochemically in the tractus opticus (To), Corpus geniculatum laterale, pars dorsalis (CGLd) et ventralis (CGLv), Colliculus superior (Cs) and Nucleus olivaris praetectalis (Nop).  

As well in Golgi-Kopsch material as in sections in which glial cells are specifically impregnated the described structures could be traced to cells mainly located subpial in the tractus opticus.  

Retinal efferents projected bilaterally to a lateral neuropil region ("tractus opticus") in the posterior one-half of the dorsal thalamus.  

By means of serial sections at equal intervals through the brains of 8 Norway rats and 8 laboratory rats the fresh volume sizes of the optic regions lateral geniculate nucleus (pars dorsalis), striate area, superior colliculus and tractus opticus were determined.  

The areas investigated included the anterior and posterior supraoptic nuclei, the numerous accessory cell clusters in the region between the tractus opticus and the third ventricle as well as the median eminence.  

Furthermore the terminals of the tractus opticus were investigated by electron microscopy after eye enucleation.  

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